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ASU Media Enterprise is a collection of broadcast, digital, podcast, and project formats that focus on science, technology, innovation, the arts, and social change.


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Building Community in the Bayou

Based in Louisiana, Monique Verdin is an artist, storyteller, videographer, and photographer, as well as a community builder and activist. She is also the director of the Land Memory Bank and Seed Exchange, a project that seeks to create a community record of the coastal cultures and native ecology of southeast Louisiana. On this episode, Verdin joins host JD Talasek to talk about using art and science to understand a Gulf that is being reshaped by climate, industry, and more

The Ongoing Transformation podcast


State of Mind: Rethinking our mental health system

A project partnership between Slate and Arizona State University that offers a practical look at our mental health system and how to make it better. 

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The Conversation

ASU Faculty Share Their Expertise on The Conversation

Arizona State University faculty are sharing their expertise on a variety of topics through The Conversation, a global network of news outlets that publishes news stories and research reports online, with accompanying expert opinion and analysis. 


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