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ASU Media Enterprise is a collection of broadcast, digital, podcast, and project formats that focus on science, technology, innovation, the arts, and social change.


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Blue Dreams: Connecting People With Ocean Research

There is more life in the ocean than anywhere else on Earth. Accounting for over 70% of the planet’s surface, the ocean provides habitat to millions of species, supplies freshwater and oxygen, moderates the climate, and influences the weather. But despite its importance, the ocean is largely unexplored and often misunderstood.

In this episode, host Alana Quinn is joined by artist Rebecca Rutstein and one of her collaborators, the oceanographer Mandy Joye, to discuss their work and the rich potential of partnerships between artists and scientists to create visceral connections to the deep sea.

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State of Mind: Rethinking our mental health system

A project partnership between Slate and Arizona State University that offers a practical look at our mental health system and how to make it better. 

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The Conversation

ASU Faculty Share Their Expertise on The Conversation

Arizona State University faculty are sharing their expertise on a variety of topics through The Conversation, a global network of news outlets that publishes news stories and research reports online, with accompanying expert opinion and analysis. 


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