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These stories come from ASU Media Enterprise’s various partners and include outside publications from our school and staff.


These podcasts come from ASU Media Enterprise’s various partners and include outside publications from our school and staff.

Many of life’s daily interactions depend on trust. That’s especially true for the healthy functioning of a democrative government and its institutions. But what happens when trust erodes?
How do microplastics impact the ocean, wildlife, and the wellbeing of the overall planet?
Women of color are under-represented in STEM fields, and going into a field where not many people look like you can make for a lonely experience. During a research project in Belize, Evvan realized the power of travel and working with diverse populations
In our final episode of Season 2, our guest is none other than our producer Maggie Dellow. Hear about her experience in launching the podcast, and what she has learned about innovation from our many amazing guests.


Mi-Ai Parrish

Mi-Ai Parrish is the Sue Clark-Johnson Professor of Media Innovation and Leadership at the Cronkite School, and is managing director of the ASU Media Enterprise. She is known nationally as a newsroom leader, having served as publisher of The Arizona Republic, president and publisher of The Kansas City Star and president and publisher of The Idaho Statesman. Follow Mi-Ai on Twitter @publishorperish

Nicole Carroll

Nicole Carroll will work with ASU's Media Enterprise team, the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and other university departments to develop new strategies for reporting on local communities as well as innovations and business models to help local news operations thrive. Carroll brings more than three decades of journalism experience and a track record of success in leading newsrooms at some of the nation's top publications. READ MORE

Diana Ayton-Shenker

Diana Ayton-Shenker is CEO of Leonardo, the International Society for Arts, Sciences, and Technology; Executive Director of ASU-Leonardo Initiative, and ASU Professor of Practice jointly appointed at the School for the Future of Innovation in Society, and the School of Arts, Media, & Engineering. She is author and editor of four books, most recently "A New Global Agenda: Priorities, Practices, & Pathways of the International Community;" founding CEO of social ventures Global Momenta, andthe Fast Forward Fund

Abby Zufelt

Abby Zufelt is the director of the Cronkite School’s Digital Audiences Lab. In the lab, she teaches students to use digital marketing strategies and audience data as they execute campaigns for real clients. Previously, she served as the assistant director of marketing and digital strategy at Arizona PBS and the Cronkite School.

Adrienne Fairwell

Adrienne Fairwell, a proven media leader with years of communications and public television experience, has been named general manager of Arizona PBS. She is the first African-American to lead the station in its 60-year history. She comes from South Carolina Educational TV and Public Radio, where she has served as assistant general manager and vice president of marketing and community development during the past three years.

Brendon Kleen

Brendon Kleen is the senior coordinator of digital content at ASU’s Global Sport Institute, where he edits and writes for Global Sport Matters, the Institute’s digital magazine. Follow Brendon on Twitter @BrendonKleen14

Torie Bosch

Torie Bosch is the editor of Future Tense, a joint collaboration between Slate magazine, Arizona State University, and New America that examines emerging technologies and the questions they raise for public policy and society. She was the co-editor of the anthologies What Future: The Year’s Best Ideas to Reclaim, Reanimate, and Reinvent Our Future (Unnamed Press, 2017) and Future Tense Fiction: Stories of Tomorrow (Unnamed Press, 2019).

Suzanne Wilson

Suzanne Wilson is an accomplished communications and media relations strategist. An award-winning storyteller, she is connecting and managing the stories that are shaping the ASU Media Enterprise brand. Her background includes broadcast journalism, content management, and media relations strategy.

Moira Shourie

Moira Shourie is the executive director of Zócalo Public Square. She was an executive at MTV Networks International and the launch music programmer for MTV India. Previously, she was part of the startup team that launched Outlook, now one of India’s most widely read news magazines.

Ebonye Delaney

Ebonye Delaney is an award-winning filmmaker and producer best known for her work at Arizona PBS highlighting voice in underrepresented communities. Delaney serves as the Senior Director of Content, overseeing the content strategy across all platforms, both on-air and online, for the station. Delaney has over a decade of content creation and production experience in various fields, including news broadcast, film, and commercial production.

Eryn Brown

Eryn is a Los Angeles-based editor and writer who joined Zocalo Public Square as an editor at large in 2017. A former staff member at the Los Angeles Times and at Fortune Magazine, she has covered science, health, business, and a variety of other subjects, and has written stories for the New York Times, Wired, Nature, and other outlets. She graduated from Harvard College in 1993.

Lisa Margonelli

Lisa Margonelli is Senior Editor at Issues in Science and Technology. She is the author of Oil on the Brain: Petroleum’s Long Strange Trip to Your Tank (2007) and Underbug: An Obsessive Tale of Termites and Technology (2018). Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, Wired, Slate’s Future Tense, Pacific Standard, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and San Francisco Chronicle, among other publications.

Steven Beschloss

Steven Beschloss is a Senior Director of Narrative Development, professor of practice at the Walter Cronkite School, director of ASU’s Narrative Storytelling Initiative, and Narratives lead for the Global Futures Laboratory. His articles and essays have been published by The New Yorker, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Smithsonian, The New Republic, Times Higher Ed, and many others. His most recent book is The Gunman and His Mother: Lee Harvey Oswald, Marguerite Oswald and the Making of an Assassin.

Jason Lloyd

Jason Lloyd is the managing editor of Issues in Science and Technology. He was previously the journal’s book review editor, and was the managing editor of the Rightful Place of Science book series.


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